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Sheet metal

Sheets find their application in the industrial production of machines, machinery, automotive industry, various constructions ... precisely because of the wide application of sheets FABEMA METALI in its warehouse offers sheets of different thicknesses, formats and qualities to meet the requirements of its customers. We offer sheets of cold-rolled sheets, hot-rolled sheets, galvanized sheets, ribbed and teardrop sheets. We also offer sheets in S355 quality!

Cold rolled sheet metal

Cold rolled sheets are most often obtained from cold rolled strips which are produced by the cold rolling process, ie by reducing the thickness. Cold rolled sheets are used in a wide range of production applications mainly when it is necessary for the product to have a nice smooth and flat surface as part of a final product. The quality of cold-rolled sheets that we offer is DC01 and DC03 (with the possibility of purchasing quality according to your needs). Standards: quality mainly according to EN 10130, tolerance according to EN 10131.

Hot rolled sheet metal

Hot-rolled sheets are obtained by rolling preheated SLABs (semi-finished products or thick plates measuring 65 - 250 x 600 - 1,600 x 3,000 - 9,000 mm) at temperatures above 900 ° C in order to convert shapes from SLAB into plates (implies dimensions above 5 mm thick, usually 1,500-3,000 mm wide and up to 12,000 mm long) or over coils into plates of ordinary dimensions 1.5 mm thick and 800-2,000 mm wide. The thickness reduction takes place several times by rolling until the desired dimension is obtained, which includes the interheating phases due to the recrystallization of the material. The application of hot rolled strips, sheets and plates is extremely wide. The quality of hot-rolled sheets we offer is S235JR and S355 (with the possibility of purchasing quality according to your needs). Standards: quality mainly according to EN 10025, tolerance according to EN 10029 or EN 10051

Hot rolled sheet metal

Hot-rolled sheets

Galvanized sheet metal

Galvanized sheets are obtained from previously obtained cold-rolled strips which are then hot-dip galvanized. Galvanized sheets are used in a wide range of production applications for exterior and interior applications, mainly for gutters and siding around houses, and for roofs of buildings and houses, as well as for ventilation and profiles in dry construction. The quality of galvanized sheets we offer is DX51 + Z275. Standards: quality according to EN 10327, tolerance according to EN 10143.

Ribbed sheet metal

Ribbed and teardrop pattern sheets are produced by hot rolling as well as flat hot rolled sheets and strips without any pattern. On continuous (tandem) strips for rolling strips on the rear duo of the rolling mill, an upper roller for rolling such sheets profiled with a pattern is placed in order to profile the desired pattern on the upper side of the usual height of the protrusion rib or tear ca. 1 mm, and can be a thicker shoot up to 2 mm if desired. The purpose of ribbed and tear sheets is mainly for treads or for aesthetics. The quality of corrugated and tear sheet we have on offer is S235JR. Standards: quality according to EN 10025, tolerance usually different depending on the steelworks.

*We are able to cut products from stock for transport needs, but for the needs of projects we can offer and supply goods cut to size with tolerances up to + - / 2mm. Goods are subject to intermediate sales.

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